3 Top Miter Saws in The Market

A miter saw is a highly efficient tool, which allows you to make perfect crosscuts as well as making cuts that are customized according to your specifications. However, when it comes to shopping for this handy tool, you are likely to face challenges because of the great variety of saws that are available in the […]

The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy Online

Having and mastering the most powerful marketing strategy online is like having the golden key needed to open the safe where are locked up millions of dollars.Is there such a strategy?Yes there is! On this page you will find the root of that winning strategy.Wanting to be successful you need that “secret” which leads to the most powerful […]

January Lows

The third full trading week of January gave us some epic action. Not since 2008 has the market seen consecutive days of the Dow at -200 points. Last year single -200 point days offered great dip buying opportunities. Will it be the same this year? Spotting Tops One of the really good clues that the […]

Delever Before the Hike

Today confirms the theory that international banks will begin to delever and unload positions ahead of a Fed rate hike. The SEC has been sitting on the GS indictment for nine months. They finally decide to release during market hours on a Friday OPEX–curious. Was this done to mask distribution? On Thursday GS traded 7M […]

Short List on How to Cheat the Market

Ever wonder just how many methods are used to manipulate the capital markets? Here is a partial list of some of the tricks unscrupulous broker-dealers, market manipulators, and their accomplices can use. All of these methods are illegal, and most of them require collusion between two parties. The full list is over 100 tactics. A […]